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About Ashanti

Ashanti Davis,is an Educator, Private Chef and all around lover of everything food, holistic wellness and plants. 


Her story began in 2014 when she started her blog Young & Naturalle. At the time she was going through some of the most challenging transitions of her life. She was graduating high school, going to college a few hours away from home and a month before graduating high school, three weeks before her 18th birthday and Prom she lost her Dad to pancreatic cancer. So, when she  began her freshman year in college she spent a lot of time alone trying to find her way being that feeling lost and alone. During this time,  she found that writing was an outlet for her and that’s how she began blogging. Her blog Young & Naturalle was everything and more to her. In the beginning, she was putting out at least 2-3 blog post a week, attending networking events on the weekends, creating content etc. and it was fun,  she continued to blog for years,  It was her passion but slowly it turned into something that she resented because she felt like she wasn’t growing, she felt like she didn’t know her purpose. So, she took a step away from blogging and took some time to discover herself, what makes her happy, what is truly her passion and purpose, and that’s when the lightbulb went off. Cooking has always been a passion of hers since a child. She always loved food and loved how a great meal can bring everything and everyone together and she shared so many recipes on her blog and she always asked “ how did you create this meal? Or have you ever thought about catering? Why don’t you have a food truck? Etc. and that’s when she realized that she does have something that drives her, She does have a purpose and seeing the response from others has helped her keep pushing forward. 


The impact that she wishes to have upon others is to remind everyone that  no matter the story, no matter the circumstances, all have a purpose and whatever the passion may be ,don’t give up on it. Ashanti says “It may not always be sunshine and rainbows but I promise you if you continue to put in the work and give your all at the end of the day that is truly all that matters. “

What Motivates Her

Ashanti says “ What motivates me? My husband and Family motivate me. My husband because he believes in my dreams and my goals, he’s always willing to help me in any aspect of work when I need him if it’s to hold the camera for me while I create content, recipe testing or giving advice. He's doing it all. I come from a family of strong women and when I tell you I have an amazing village I truly mean that. They push me and inspire me each and everyday to go hard because I’ve watched them define odds and make a way out of nothing. They remind me when I’m feeling low and like I want to give up to keep holding my head high and I can’t thank them enough. “


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