How to layer your necklaces?

How to layer your necklaces?

Choosing jewelry needs careful time and consideration to think upon since you will be investing here a certain sum of money especially for the very precious and expensive ones.  Whether you are buying one for yourself or are buying it for someone else as a present, it is essential that you search high and low until you think you have found the perfect piece.  Do not just buy any jewelry item that comes along in order that you may be happy with your purchase if it is for personal use or your recipient would be delighted with the gift if you intend to give it.



Layered necklaces are multiple chains that are worn together. Often these necklaces come joined together by a single clasp. However, they can come as individual necklaces, and even in a set. Layering your necklaces is a beautiful way to achieve laid-back glamour.

Layered jewelry is the hottest trend right now among celebrities and the perfect inspiration for the modern girl. The mixed and matched look enhances any outfit and acts as the perfect accessory. Whether for a formal or casual look, layering jewelry brings a touch of cohesion to a fit.
Jewelry layering allows you to be creative while featuring some of your favorite pieces.


While there are no rules to layering jewelry, many professional stylists follow these tips in order to perfect the trend and make it easy for you to do so too.

1. When it comes to knowing how many necklaces to layer, it ultimately comes down to personal taste. You can keep it streamlined and opt for two chains, or go all out and make a statement with lots. However, for those just starting on their layering journey, three is an ideal number to begin with. This will allow you to really experiment with different necklaces lengths and create a multitude of gorgeous looks.

2. Embrace the beauty in its simplicity. Chic minimalist look consists of a very simple and delicate designs that are combined together to give you a sleek and easy to love overall look is a good choice. You can simply add a pop of color and texture by adding a stone or a charm to complete your style. You can easily express yourself by adding a fashionable personalized item that represents your nature.

3. Choose one statement piece - choosing one statement necklace, for example a pearl jewelry piece can create a centerpiece for your look. Allow this necklace to do the talking whilst the others support it.

4. Personalized your layered necklaces. Don’t be afraid to stack up your dainty necklaces with chunkier chained necklaces for a statement look that will definitely be noticed. Whether you are in the mood for simple chic or bold and stylish, do not hesitate to get playful with texture and volume. This layering trend gives you amazing flexibility. Feeling playful? Add a shell!

5. Switch up your necklaces with pendants - if you like to change your look frequently, having the same base chains but adding different pendants dependent on occasion is a great way to add versatility.

6. If you want to make your standard and casual outfit to stand out make sure to add a layered necklace to your collection. Add a leather or denim jacket to the mix and you are ready to go for a Spring night out!

Although there are lots of aspects you may want to think about when choosing how to layer necklaces, the job can be kept simple by opting for pre-designed jewelry sets. This way the styling is done for you and all you have to do is adorn your beautiful new pieces.

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