Alexander Story

Alexander Story

About Alexander

Alexander is a  Journalist. Alexander says “What motivates me the most Is knowing that you can have whatever you like. You can become closer to your dreams. I have been accustomed to worry and stress all of my life. My family has endured pain where it reflected on my life. At 30 years old today, I finally have reached the mental state to know that I can control what comes to my mind. Having faith is a true thing. I am resilient by not allowing anyone else’s opinions to suppress my true beliefs. A part of my character is being indecisive a lot. As I mature, it’s controlled and now when I ask for advice, I still trust in myself first. Sometimes you can get advice that’s not for your best interest. I learned to trust myself. That has to be the most beautiful thing I could have ever done. I’m thankful because it allowed me to jump the hurdles that left me a roadblock in my career and in life. I persevere through all the negative light by knowing myself. Knowing I am a queen within, so now it shows on the outside. Know thyself and that can set you free🥰”.


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