Krissy Story

Krissy Story

About Krissy

Krissy Adams is a mother of 3 amazing kids, crystal + reiki healer, owner of Love.Live.Glow, creator of @the.collectiveshop and lover of all things crystals. She started Love.Live.Glow in 2019 to share how she used crystal healing crystals to overcome childhood and emotional trauma after leaving a toxic marriage. During this time she wanted nothing more but to know and love SELF more than ever before. 

Through Love.Live.Glow she shares her journey to self-love with other women by creating crystal-infused products that are not only good for the body but to SOUL too. She aspires to show women that they too can live a life where they are no longer prisoners to the negative self-talk and lack of self-worth that shackles them. For her everyone is deserve a life where you feel whole and in love with all that is YOU. Her business is a means for her as a healer to share her gifts.


I know now that I should have stayed in that space just a little longer before dating. I should have spent more time healing my inner child, identifying my triggers, and having boundaries around those triggers. I started dating again, and although on the surface he appeared to be everything that my ex-husband was not, this relationship still left me feeling more unsure about myself than ever before. My anxiety was off the chain, I questioned everything I did, I walked on eggshells or just kept quiet to avoid any conflict or to be told that I'm not enough. I found myself once again inside of an emotionally abusive, controlling, and unhealthy relationship, I had no boundaries, low self-esteem and I felt broken. I made a decision that I must choose myself, once again Krissy you have allowed your love for another person to overshadow the love I was supposed to have for myself. 

This again, was one of the toughest decisions I made, because not only did I have to give up the idea of what was supposed to be, I also had to leave a comfortable situation with him being the provider. A lot of times women stay in fear of losing a comfortable lifestyle, but oftentimes we are losing so much more by staying. You will never know if you can make it on your own if you never leave. But I understand, I was terrified of leaving at first, I had no job, my business was doing ok but not enough to survive with three kids, and barely any family here outside of my brother and stepmom. But I knew that God wouldn't want me to stay somewhere that broke my heart, I knew this was not what he wanted for me. So I left! I choose to bet on myself, when I made that decision I swear EVERYTHING fell into place. It was as if GOD cleared out the path and lit the way for me, all I had to do was choose myself and believe that everything would work out. That it did, I didn't even have to apply for a job. An old vendor I used to work with called me and offered me a Project Manager position! Money that I was waiting on for months, cleared to my account, when I opened my store at Memorial City Mall, I was technically homeless. I was sleeping between my brother's 1 bedroom apartment and a couch at my stepmom. But I kept going, I kept believing. After less than a month of the house hoping I moved myself and my babies into a three-bedroom townhouse. 

Now although all of my blessings came pouring in, it was still probably the toughest moments because through all of this I still had to show up professionally, for my kids, but most importantly for myself!! Healing and growth take accountability, although I didn't deserve the treatment and the pain that came from loving these men, I had to take accountability that I gave my power away. It was me that stayed too long, it was me that believed somewhere deep down inside that this is as good as I deserve. And that was a hard pill to swallow. So yes, healing myself after toxic relationships were my toughest moment and they are also the ones I'm most grateful for. That pain birthed one fearless, resilient Goddess.  - Krissy say’s


Krissy says, My impact is the power of choosing and showing up for yourself. Self-love is not just something you talk about or just facials, it's how you live your life, it's how you choose to show up for yourself even when it's uncomfortable at first. I want others to know my story and believe that they have everything they need and as long as they show up and trust that God is always working in DIVINE timing

What Motivates Her

My babies!! They are my world. Creating a sacred space where they can blossom, be whole, feel loved, feel safe, feel joy, feel provided for, and nurtured is what motivates me. I want to be their PEACE. I say I  never want my kids to heal from having me as a parent (this is the goal). 

- Krissy


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