Self Care Tips for Women

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Nothing is certain in this life. We are living in a different  places with a different times, beliefs, cultures etc.

Despite in all of this we have a lot of things to be thankful for.We do believe that everyone have a story to tell. A story of hope, life, power , perseverance , resilience and more. And that is why NVSME is born with a mission to empower a woman's self-confidence to feel authentic to their true self. Join our community of like-minded women like you, who encourage each other to persevere even through the toughest times.

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1. RELAX - Women are created uniquely in so many ways, a lot of times we are so busy in many things, that cause us to break down. Because of hectic schedules we forgot to have time for our self. Have a break , make time for yourself and enjoy even the little things. Don't forget that you are so blessed in many ways!

2. MEDITATE- A quiet time with yourself can help you to be more relax , to think properly and to appreciate things even those people around you. It can help you to be at peace to have a clear state of mind and calming your inner self. 

3. TALK TO SOMEONE- Having someone by your side , a someone to talk to can help you to be better. Reach out to them through SMS, social media , a call or video call. Whatever your comfortable with just reached out!

4. KEEP MOVING- Doing some cardio, a 30 minute workout , yoga etc. can help improving your mental health and  mood. Taking care of your body keeping it moving can increase your chances of living longer.

5. POSITIVE VIBES- A lot of times we have so many things in mind. Disappointments, situations , problems is always there and we cannot escape from it. Having a right view and a right response can help you to think better. Instead of thinking negative things focus on what and how you can be better , instead of thinking the problem , think on what will be the solution and last don't dwell with your emotions. Keep moving , praying and believe . Have faith!

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