Our Story

Brittanee' King is the Owner and CEO of NVSME. Her innate talent for designing handcrafted jewelry has been a great source of purpose and pride most of her life.

Her contemporary designs reach women nationwide, as does her mission to inspire confidence and self-worth in women everywhere. Her journey to becoming a CEO is a lesson in resilience and speaks to the perseverance and grit that Brittanee' embodies in business and life. 

In 2007 at the young age of 18, Brittanee' almost became a headline of a young black woman who had lost her life at the hands of the police.

During a routine traffic stop, a police officer wrongfully assumed that she was holding a weapon, and in response, shot at Brittanee' - striking her in hand. The supposed "weapon" was, in fact, a bracelet that she was wearing.

The horrifying experience left her with PTSD, fear, and anxiety. To heal from her physical and mental wounds, Brittanee' found a sense of freedom and purpose through jewelry. Although she was no longer comfortable wearing her jewelry after the shooting, her sense of style became a valuable asset for her friends, who frequently asked for style tips.

By age 19, just one year after the traffic stop that could have stopped so much more for Brittanee', she took it upon herself to boldly take control of her life and unapologetically wear, create, and sell her eye-catching jewelry.

This is Your NVSME

Brittanee' King's Story

In 2013, equipped with passion and a sense of purpose, Brittanee' set about promoting her jewelry with grit and grassroots efforts.

She started small, selling to friends and family, and even sold out of the trunk of her car. Today NVSME has evolved to become a brand that offers thoughtfully curated boxes filled with high-quality jewelry and affirmations that empower women to feel bold, confident, and unapologetic.

By sharing her story of triumph over tragedy, Brittanee' has fostered a community of women that feel beautiful and live with courage.