Monishae Story

Monishae Story

About Monishae 

My name is Monishae’ Freeman. I am a mother of three beautiful young women and they are what motivate me! I know that they are watching me build something that I’ve never had before, my business! I’ve always had a lot of things that I could do, but never really stepped out and stood behind one thing.

The toughest experience she went through

“Once COVID hit, I was pregnant. By the time I should have returned to work, I had a newborn baby, so I decided instead to start a dispatching service. Although dispatching did not really fit me, which was a BIG “failure” hurdle for me. But it was actually my first step! In November, the Brittle came into my life. And now Mommy’s Brittle Bags is my main baby. It is growing and flourishing which is beautiful for my family and I to watch. Aside from that I’m finally working on cultivating my own sound through music! Which has always been a big dream of mine, but I struggled with not believing my voice was strong enough to stand alone! Now that I’ve come into myself, I am pushing through self doubt to victory! I also do hair and bake peach cobblers, pies, cakes, etc. My hands are everywhere!! “

What Impact and How She Impact Others

By being forever grateful for every day and every chance she gets to breathe life into herself and her family’s future! Generational wealth is her goal!! 

What Motivates Her

It’s been a year since she worked a full-time job. And for Monishae her three beautiful daughters and her husband motivates her! Her husband pushed her forward every time she wanted to run back to her safety net. And she was so thankful for that and now here they are. BLESSED and moving forward!! 


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